CNY Groomers is a full service grooming salon, offering only the finest services and the best products in a calm, relaxed, friendly atmosphere .  We also offer a seven day guarantee on your dogs groom*

At CNY Groomers it is our promise that we treat your best friend like our best friend.  Grooming your pet should not be a traumatic unpleasant experience for the pet or the owner. The goal at CNY Groomers is to ensure that  your pet not only comes back to you beautifully groomed and smelling great, but also that their happy and their tails wagging because they just had a great grooming experience.

To ensure this experience we make a special point of not overcrowding our salon with a lot of dogs at one time. I remember taking my collie Suzie to a place that had 15 different dogs in separate kennels. When I went to get her you could here howling and barking in the background. When my Suzie came out she was visibly shaken and had hotspots over almost her entire body. She was beet red. Within a few days she came back to her old self ,but I realized not all dogs are capable of being around 10 to 15 howling, barking  dogs caged in kennels waiting to get groomed.  I know I would not like getting my hair done with a bunch of people yelling and screaming and I feel a dog is no different. I can never guarantee a dog will not bark but it least it can be kept to a minimum.
* Our seven day guarantee.  If you are not happy with your groom , or feel your dog needed additional trimming we will touch your dog up for free.

Proud graduate and certified groomer from Rochester School of Dog Grooming
Certified in dog first aid.